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Author: Bever-leigh Banfield
Publisher: Twinkle Entertainment
Pages: 366
Genre: Nonfiction

You have an ultimate magic within you, capable of transforming yourself, your life and everything that exists. You needn’t fear change, leave it to others, or get stuck with whatever happens next. You can pull heaven right out of your hat with the alchemy of your heart and mind. You just have to know how to use your abracadabra presto change-o. You can make things disappear or pop up because you are the change you crave. Your dream is a reality somewhere, ready for you to experience it by making change your BFF. Tap into who you're meant to be, and the special thing you're meant to do – with this book about your mission in life, and how you can have it materialize to be happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser, and make the world a better place. 

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Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. You are my brothers and sisters, and I’m excited to get into this. Okay, first let’s claim your ideal life—because it is ready to bring you joy. Your ideal life is the one the world is waiting to experience, watching to see it reveal and unfold.

When you envision the life you most want to lead, what do you see? Great health, of course. Maybe the perfect body, at the weight and shape that makes you feel invincible, relatable, and up for anything at any time. A high-paying, cool job, with health benefits—or maybe self-employment you can’t wait to get to every day. Let’s toss in some work that fulfills you, stretches your talents and abilities, and challenges your mind. Perhaps you desire Prince Charming too, riding up on his mighty steed to take your hand, or a Sleeping Beauty awaiting your sexy kiss to awaken her love. You might only long for a roof above your head that doesn’t leak, or that new car that doesn’t break down, puff smoke from the tailpipe, or embarrass you when you pull up to valet park. You may simply desire security, whatever your concept of that is. Maybe you crave a weekly mani-pedi or massage, relaxing vacays in exotic ports, a closet full of designer clothes, the latest tech, some diamond bling, a pair of name-brand athletic or red-soled shoes and cozy creature comforts. You could be aiming to play a sport, or pursue a hobby you adore. And who doesn’t want some excitement, adventure and fun to liven up their days? If you’ve chosen to have children, you will want them to grow up happy, healthy, prosperous, kind, educated and free. You will want all that’s good for them, and resolve to help that happen.

Though you might not want any of these, it might also be true you want all of them. And yet, there is something you must want most. Are you in touch with what that is? If not, then this is the time to seek it out and have it come to you. When you’re alone—or not alone—in the dark at night with your active mind, or when you wake up in the morning and realize the universe has gifted you with another day of living your life, what do you want to do with it? Do you want your life to shine, or are you content to just get through it, putting one foot in front of the other, surviving as the clock ticks and the years fly by like soaring jets.

When someone discovers an abnormality in some vital body part, or loses a parent, a child, a marriage, their business or a job, or is presented with some other ginormous hill to climb to reclaim their life, things tend to zoom into focus. Disparate ideas seem to coalesce into helpful realizations. They’re given to epiphany, become open to insights they’ve never received before. They often drop all pretense, and become able to skirt trivialities that might have irked them earlier. Other people in their life come closer or fall away. Those remaining are held cherished, and communication blossoms. Longrepressed yearnings surface that may cause them to rethink their choices and mull over past mistakes or missteps they may feel have brought them to that point. People look for the meaning of their lives, and seek to address and fulfill it when the rubber is meeting the road, the chips are down, and their back is to the wall.

Why wait for such a cataclysm? Life is occurring with every breath. Every now gives way to another now that presents great opportunity. Every instant is calling you to rise up and reach your highest consciousness, and nothing is standing in your way. On the contrary, even the beat of your heart is designed to uplift and support you.

You are the answer to all of your questions.

You are the change you’ve been waiting to see.

Bever-leigh Banfield, M.F.A. is a writer, actress, voice over artist, host and speaker. She has penned numerous celebrity interviews, one of which, published in Essence magazine, won the American Diabetes Association National Media Award for journalism. As an actress, Bever-leigh has performed in television shows, movies, Broadway and off-Broadway theater and national commercials. Her voice has been heard in TV and radio ads, as an ABC network announcer, in animated films and cartoons, and as narrator of planetarium space shows at landmark Griffith Observatory in Hollywood. Ms. Banfield holds an M.F.A. from the Yale University School of Drama and a B.A. from Stanford University. She has lived in Europe and the Caribbean, and traveled in Africa, South America, and across the United States. She has been gifted with psychic perception since childhood, and as an intuitive, has experienced a vision of world peace. Creating is her joy. Her debut non-fiction book You Can Change The World is about helping you be who you are meant to be, and do what you are meant to do - live your dreams, and change the world for the better!

Guest Post:

Change Like a Boss in 7 Steps
by Bever-leigh Banfield

You want to feel empowered, right? You want to soar with eagles. You don’t want to fit in, you were born to stand out. You’re brave and visionary. You see things all around you that need to change, and you wish you were able to change them. Well, you can. And you will. It’s who you are. You don’t want to fear change, leave it to others, or get stuck with whatever happens next. You are what’s going to happen next. You’re what’s happening now. You hold the answer to all of your questions. You’re the next wave in a sea change. You’re not a statistic, you’re at the vanguard, lighting the way to what mankind is at its peak, what society ought to be. You have a magical mojo within you, capable of transforming yourself, your life, and everything that exists.
You’re on a quest to transform yourself to be even more awesome than you are. And you’re super amazing now. You’re essential to progress, you’re one of a kind. You can make giant change from the inside out, because change is an inside job  – and when you change, you change the world. So, seize that responsibility now. There’s someone you are meant to be and something you are meant to do. You are a cause that has an effect on everyone around you. You’re either a plus or a minus as you go about your days and nights, and all you’ll ever be and do arises out of change. Changing will lift you higher, friend, and it is by being your highest self that you make dreams come true.
The good news is you’re in control. Of your mind. Of your feelings. Of your life.
You can change on a dime if you want to. You’re an idea whose time has come, and nothing is more powerful. You’re endless possibilities. Regardless of what the chattering talking heads on TV report to you, you know peace and love will always win and they’re your middle names. Never mind doom and gloom on your Twitter feed, or angry Instagram videos, or Facebook feuds that don’t reflect your mindset or morality. You work to transform like a butterfly leaving the chrysalis to be your best. You change like the wind direction whenever you need to adjust your plans. You retool your ideas, beliefs and decisions the moment you find they no longer suit, just as easily as a chameleon changes its color and shifts its environment.
You are The Changer and you are The Change.  You are changing the world around you with every thought you think, each word you say, and the string of good deeds you commit to do. You are the change you are yearning to see, and your evolution revolution starts in 7 steps:
·         Choose to change, and be willing and ready now. Understand that it’s your time.
·         Pinpoint what it is you need to change. Be specific and incisive. Meditate on it if you’re unsure. Changing bad habits, letting stuff go, and embracing alternatives sets you free.
·         Commit to making changes that will reveal a healthier, happier, stronger you who’s up to whatever it takes. Declare you’ll be a benefit to others, serving the greater good and contributing to a better world.
·         Dream a humongous ginormous dream that can elevate people around the globe and shine a light that can be seen from space on every creature. Set goals that can bring about lasting change for everybody everywhere. Your dream wants you to call it forth.
·         Make a plan and act on it. Brainstorm the steps you need to take. Jot down the ideas you think might work. You may only be able to see the first step when you start. Keep moving and having faith and your path will be revealed.
·         Determine the tasks you must perform to launch and continue your master plan. Be sure to set priorities and do what’s most important first. Gather a team to help you.
·         Persevere no matter what situations and circumstances may arise, no matter what people say or do. Be flexible and inventive. Learn everything you need to know, be nimble, progress steadily, and persist until your dream comes true.
I believe in you and I’m by your side. I know that you can change the world!




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