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The Mirror by Karla Brandenburg Book Sale, Interview, Excerpt & GIVEAWAY

The Mirror
by Karla Brandenburg


GENRE: Contemporary Romance


Note: The book will be on sale for only $0.99.



When Sandra Meyer's violent ex-boyfriend returns to sleepy Edgarville, Illinois, she turns to the man who stood up to Nick Benedetto back in high school. If brawny Garth Benson will pose as her boyfriend on social media, maybe Nick will leave her alone. Sandra adores Garth, but she doesn't want any more ties to Edgarville. Now finished with a decade of dedicated service as her mother's caregiver, Sandra is planning her exit from this one-stoplight town.

Garth is firmly rooted in Edgarville with the family monument business and a trophy shop that will need a "mom" to his "pop." Garth has wanted Sandra ever since he slugged Nick more than ten years ago. Her secrets run deep, as do the strengths that he admires within her, but whenever he tries to move their casual flirtations from talk to dating, she backs away.

Small town life has strangled Sandra as effectively as Nick tried to when they were in high school. Garth might be the one man who can protect her from Nick, but what he expects in return is too much. On top of that, her deceased father’s unexpected appearance in the mirror of her new home exposes long-held secrets that will change Sandra's view of her family and hometown forever.

When the last tie holding her to Edgarville is cut, Sandra runs as fast as she can, but the world outside her small-town community isn’t all she expects.


Excerpt One:

“Why do you care what happens to me?” Sandra asked.

Not the question he was expecting. How honest should he be? He considered the safe answer but figured the truth would be best. “Why does the warmth of the sun make you feel good? What makes the moon and stars so fascinating? And yet some people don’t even notice a clear night sky.” He leaned over the table. “I notice you, Sandra. The person you are. You might try to hide from everyone, might think they only see the girl you’re rumored to be, but I happen to know I’m not the only person who sees the real you.”


He shook his head. “No, you asked. And in case you decide to be embarrassed about kissing me, in case you think that was a mistake,” he paused to decide if continuing down this path would be a mistake. He’d gone this far. “We joke around, tease each other, but truth is often hidden behind a joke. What I feel for you, Sandra, is no joke. I’d like to think I understand you, which means I’m not going to betray your trust in me by taking advantage of you. But if you want me,” he spread his arms. “I’m all yours.”

“Garth,” she said again. Her pupils were dilated, and her eyes reflected the heat he knew was buried deep inside, but she didn’t make a move. “You mean a lot to me,” she said softly. “I’d hate to lose that.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Karla Brandenburg is the author of contemporary romance, including her award-winning paranormal MIST series. Raised on the gothic romances of Victoria Holt and the horror of Stephen King, she is an avid reader and is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Karla is a card-carrying cookie-holic, enjoys baking and travel.


Where are you from? Born and raised in Illinois. As far afield as I wander, there’s no place like home (although I’m likely moving out of the state in the very near future!)
Tell us your latest news? I’m really excited about the newest release, THE MIRROR! The Epitaph series has been a fun ride, and I’m currently working on the fourth in the series.
When and why did you begin writing? I started writing at a VERY early age, but didn’t get serious about it until my late 30’s. Why? As one of my friends tells me, I get cranky when I’m not writing. It has always been a part of me. I have a very active imagination, and writing gives me an outlet.
When did you first consider yourself a writer? When I published that first book! I’d been writing most of my life, but it wasn’t until I got organized and got serious that I owned up to it.
What inspired you to write your first book? I was recovering from oral surgery and watching In the Shadow of Vesuvius, a special about Pompeii. I’ve always been interested in Pompeii. I even did a term paper on it in school. Right after, Raiders of the Lost Ark came on and my imagination exploded. I drew a parallel, had my A-HA moment and decided it was time to get serious. I had a story and I had to write it!
What would you like my readers to know? Authors LOVE to hear from their readers, even if you don’t like their books. They like to know what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, where they’re connecting or disconnecting. A reader comment makes a HUGE difference when writer’s angst kicks in and sometimes is that missing piece of information that makes everything come together.

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Karla Brandenburg will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.