Wednesday, March 22, 2017

These Foolish Things #BehindTheBlogger Hop

These Foolish Things mean different things for different people. When I first saw this writing prompt I had no idea what to write about. Then I thought of what foolish things I have hanging around my house. I immediately thought of what I collect. I collect keychains, Magic The Gathering cards, other collectible cards and card games, and Clue games. I also collect Stephen King Hardcovers, books, Highlander dvds, and Yearly Teddy Bears, You know the big ones that are dated every year from Walmart. I have one for every year since I was born. It is a great way to look back on past pictures and know how old I was in the pictures. Many of my collections are just that. things that I collect to look at. However I do go on Highlander binges, before Netflix binging was common. I also love my keychain collection. I have keychains from all over the world. My aunt is a travel agent and has gotten me keychains from all over the place. England, and Vegas are just a few. I also have ones that I have collected. From my honeymoon to my last vacation with my dad. Each has a special meaning to me. My nephew got me one for Christmas! It feels heartwarming when you get a gift from the heart!

My brother bought me this for Christmas one year! 

Hubby bought me The Dark Man!

My Stephen King Collection. I am OBSESSED with Stephen King! That is what started me reading, and being able to escape to different worlds. My collection is my pride and joy. The only thing that I want for my collection is a signed book, that I got from meeting him in person. There are a few other books that are new that are not pictured here. Choo Choo Charlie, Revival, etc. 

This is my pride and joy! 

This is one of my questions....

And this is my maiden name in the acknowledgements, :) :) 

SO I guess that These Foolish Things may seem foolish to you, but not to me! I guess that everybody has their own foolish things that mean something to them!
In a few months I am also getting to meet Mr Tim Curry, He is my favorite actor of all time! He played It, Rocky Horror, Home Alone 2, Legend, etc! I am excited!

Comment with your favorite Tim Curry Role or your favorite Foolish Things you like to collect! 

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