Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Homestyle Chef My First Homestyle Cookbook by Annette Crossley Review

Product description...
With Over 150 Recipes for your Enjoyment This cookbook Will take your Taste buds On a Wonderful Exciting Adventure!
As a young energetic, very out going and friendly girl, I was Always very friendly and had plenty of friends. I Remember my older siblings Juanita, Laverna, SK, and Clarence. I had one younger sister Ida, who I was Responsible for Looking out after coming up. My older siblings who soon Married and moved out of the house, so I suppose that Left me caring for my youngest sister, Ida. My Dad, Charles Taylor Wright worked for the New York Central Railroad and my Mom, Katherine and my Grandmother Ran the Restaurant or should I say, Cafe, is what they called them back then. So my Mom and Grandmother was always working and cooking at the cafe and I was the Middle child Left at home to do the cooking and cleaning for me. My youngest sister Ida and my younger brother Clarence. So every day after school was out, I went home to cook and clean for my Siblings, before I went out to play with my friends. I would always stop over my older sisters house to watch her cook, since they Lived Right Next door. My older sister Juanita was Married to Sammy, a Military guy. Sammy was a Real Nice guy, but he suffered a lot of flash backs from the War and being in the Military. So I would Always take my friends with me, just in case he was having a bad day. Some days I would stop and visit my sister Juanita, and if she wasn’t home from work yet, and Sammy would come to the door yelling Real Loud, “Who is it?” My friends and I would Run and jump off the steps Real fast “Laughing”, because Sammy was having a bad day. However, I always had my Mom, Grandmother, Aunt and older sister to teach me certain things to cook. I Remember burning up so many pots-n-pans, until I was Almost banned completely from the kitchen HA-HA. I soon grew up, graduated from high school, married with a family of my own and me and my husband at the time, had five children, Curtis, Brian, Derrick, Kimberly and Delbert. So I was Always cooking for a Large family. My Mom Katherine, Grandmother Julia, Aunt Lilie, Mother-in-Law Mary Francis. Aunt Peti Pie, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Laurie and Aunt Jack were All great-great cooks. This is how I started cooking at a very young Age.
My Review:
This is a great book for pot luck meals, and for on the go cooking. The meals are easy to make, and the recipes are easy to follow and understand. I had no problem finding the ingredients either. I enjoyed the soups. The list of terms at the end is great to have in any kitchen. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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