Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blackwood Crossing by MK McClintock Review

Series: British Agent Novels, Book #2
Setting: England and Scottish Highlands
Sexuality Rating: G
Characters: Charles Blackwood, Rhona Davidson, Alaina Claiborne, Tristan Sheffield, Devon Clayton
Edition Language: English
Formats: Trade, e-book, large print
Trade Paperback:  270 pages
ISBN-10: 0991330609 (ISBN-13: 978-0991330607)
Published: June 2, 2014

Editor: Lorraine Fico-White

If you had to make a choice, would it be loyalty or love?

Scottish Highlands - January 1892

Torn between loyalty to her family and refusal to marry a laird she despises, Rhona Davidson accepts a dangerous proposal from a man she knows only as Blackwood.

Leaving behind a life of leisure, Charles Blackwood bravely serves his country with honor and the skill of a trained British agent. When his newest case returns him to the wild Highlands of Scotland, he is faced with a choice between killing a man and saving the only woman he has ever loved.

Charles and Rhona join their lives, only to discover that their choices will result in bloodshed, unless they can uncover a truth long buried, deep in the Highland soil.

Author MK McClintock returns with swashbuckling heroes and courageous heroines in Blackwood Crossing, a story about buried secrets and second chances. If you enjoy clean historical romance with a touch of intrigue and adventure, then you'll love this "absolute thrill ride of a mystery."
My Review:
I loved the first book, Alaina Claiborne, in this series. I fell in love with the dangerous spy that fell in love. This book is not that. This book is more about a woman that was in love, and then her man left, however he is back! This is a great mystery. I had no idea who was trying to kill who. I really wanted Rhona to get her happy ending. So many historicals start off with the woman not wanted to marry a laird that they hate. However very few authors can add such family dynamics and make a truly pleasurable story. There is a reason why Rhona hates Charles, and true to her other novels the author lets us know why and who. I can not wait to read book 3! I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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