Saturday, February 20, 2016

Miss Goldsleigh’s Secret and The Duke of Morewether’s by Amylynn Bright Reviews

Thea Ashbrook comes to London on a mission to do right by her half-brothers — not to find a husband. Homesick for Greece, she causes an incident at a Salon lecture on Greek architecture where she is introduced to the annoyingly handsome Duke of Morewether. The gossips have told her of every deviant escapade for which he’s so famous, and she is not impressed. When she discovers that his love of family mirrors her own, she gives herself permission to open her heart to him.

Christian, Duke of Morewether, is infamous for his scandalous ways. He thinks his life lacks nothing, until he meets Miss Althea Ashbrook and, for the first time in his life, he finds himself tongue tied. When his past comes back to haunt him, it will take all his powers of persuasion to convince Thea he is worthy of her love.

The duke has a secret – one that Thea thinks she could never forgive and sends her racing for home. To find redemption and win her back, Christian must realize mistakes can’t be ignored forever.

The secrets you keep can change your life forever.

When Henry Cavendish, Marquess of Dalton, leapt to catch the fainting woman before she hit the cobblestone, he never thought that one chivalrous act would set his well ordered life on end. His ingrained need to protect her has every bit as much to do with her enchanting beauty as it does his desire to wipe the hunted look from her startling blue eyes.

He thinks he has everything in hand, but the lady has secrets that put everything he loves at risk.

Olivia Goldsleigh just wants to live without terror, but a gunshot in the night proves things can always get worse. The beautiful and god-like Lord Dalton swears to protect her, to make the danger go away. She wants the man, the life, the family, the bliss he promises, but her secrets are certain to destroy them all.

My Reviews:

The Duke of Morewether's Secret ;
Thea Ashbrook has come to London for her brothers. She is not at all looking for a husband of any kind. While she is in London she meets the Duke of Morewether who believes he has it all. When he meets Thea, for the first time in his life he is not so sure of himself as he usually is. He really wants to show Thea he loves her but his secrets are about to destroy him. Will he be able to show her how much he cares? 

Miss Goldsleigh's Secret;

Henry Cavendish who is the Marquess of Dalton catchs a woman who is fainting so that she will not hit her head. He really wants to help her but he is not certain what she is afraid of. Olivia Goldsleigh wants only to have a future with Lord Dalton but her secrets can also destroy any chance they can ever have for a future. Will he still want her after the secrets are out in the open? I give these books a 5/5. I was given these books for a review and these are my opinions.

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