Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disney on Ice Review

This was the stage when we got there. I have never in my life sat in row A. I was 2 feet away from the ice. I recommend buying these rows. The dancers are right in front of you and are life size. 

As soon as Lumiere came out I thought of the song "Be Our Guest" and I was so happy when it came on! I could not help singing along.

In the beginning everyone is invited and I got a preview of the characters that I was going to see. 

It is amazing how great the dancers are. I was excited to see Dopey, and Geppetto. I forgot who the Blue Fairy was (but my nephew corrected me). 

This show was all about celebrations and the first celebration was a birthday party. Poor Pinocchio lied and said it was his birthday. True to the story, his nose grew before my eyes! 

Then The Mad Hatter showed up and the White Rabbit. Of course they had to have an unbirthday party! The show was for children and adults to enjoy! I found myself laughing when they all said that they knew the rabbit was late! 

Magical Broomsticks!

This was my favorite part. I did not expect it, and I absolutely loved it. It was Halloween! 

This is the "door" that the characters ring the bell at to trick or treat. I could not believe who showed up! 

These are the zombie dancers! 

Cruella De Vil !!!! When I was younger my parents got me the tickets to the screening of 101 Dalmatians! They are my favorite! When I saw her close up, I could not believe it. The experience is truly one you can not imagine unless you see it for yourself. 

Then Captain Hook, Jafar, Maleficent, and the evil witch with the poison apple. 

I was watching the other skaters and all of a sudden this witch was in front of me! This is how close she was. There is no zoom used at all. I did get a little scared! 

Mickey comes to get rid of the villains. 

Minnie then calls her Fairy Godmother and has the princesses help her find true love. The audience helps her with her three magical words. This is Aladdin and Jasmine. I had to sing along to their song too. 

Beauty & The Beast !

Cinderella & Prince Charming 


Snow White

I liked that the other princesses stayed on stage and watched each others dances. 


Then they make a receiving line for Mickey and Minnie. The Fairy Godmother says that she has done it again! 

There were lifts, and twirls and dance moves that I can not even name. 

More dance moves !

Then Mickey and Minnie visit places all over the world for different celebrations. 

That is real fire ! 

Lilo and Stitch stopped by!

The costumes were Stunning. 

The lighting also added to the show. 

This Dragon was so synchronized that it really looked like it was flying through the air. 

New Orleans!

Christmas was last. Santa is stuck in the Chimney!

Then the toys came out. 

This is my nephew, and my brother in law. My nephew loves Toy Story and was so happy to see them!

For the end, all the dancers came back out.  It's Snowing!

My nephew also really loves Dopey! It's snowing!

I liked the white outfits!

I had a really fun time. I think that there was a good assortment of characters and they were equally spread out. 

I was given tickets to review the show, however all opinions are my own.

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