Monday, December 14, 2015

Hope at Christmas by Keeley Smith

Hope at Christmas
Serendipity Series 
Book 1
Keeley Smith

Genre: Romance/Chick-Lit

Publisher: Feedaread

Date of Publication:  18th December 2015

Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 78,000

Book Description:

With only 25 days left until Christmas day, Hope makes the rash decision to quit her job.  After a weekend wallowing in self pity, she takes this new opportunity to finally get the job she’s always wanted...only she doesn’t know what she wants to do... She doesn’t think her life can get any worse.

Until she throws coffee on a stranger.

Having finally told his parents that he planned to never follow his father’s footsteps in business, Daniel’s morning didn’t start out that well either.

Until a woman throws coffee on him.

This chance meeting sets off a chain of events.  A wedding.  Downton Abbey.  The roaring 20’s...and a drunk, sexually frustrated cousin.  Neither of them are prepared for this connection, but when does romance ever run a smooth course? With secrets and exes throwing road blocks their way, will it all become too much and end their blossoming romance before it’s even begun?

About the Author:

Keeley Smith is the author of Young Adult series, The Pendle Hill Series and The Soul Keeper Trilogy.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, eating (chocolate, usually), spending time with her husband and gorgeous dog and colouring- because a genius created colouring books for adults!

She lives in the UK, but would prefer to live somewhere less likely to experience all four seasons in one day.

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