Monday, August 3, 2015

Dark Moon Rising by: Michelle Dekker Excerpt, Trailer & Giveaway

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Book Title: Dark Moon Rising Author: Michelle Dekker Genre: Fiction Release Date: June 27, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
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When The Dark Moon Rises For The Second Time Gimini Will Be Turned. One Dark, One light Together Forever
Alex Hernandez has everything except her freedom. When the Dark Moon Rises for the second time Alex and her twin brother Xander is bitten by Raven a powerful supernova. Xander turns full supernova while Alex gets stuck between two world. Her family disappears leaving only a piece of riddle behind. Armed with one piece of the riddle, she goes in search of them. Her search leads her across the European Continent. During her travels she is tested mentally and physically beyond what she thought she could ever do. Death is determent to claim her but her love for her family makes her resilient to its clutches. If this is not enough. She has to navigate her heart through a vampire and werewolf love triangle while facing her inner daemons and saving the human race from a fate worse than death.
Compassion for his friend filled Joseph’s whole being as he stared at him. Surely, there has to be another way? He couldn’t resist asking himself. No answer came and he shook his head before joining his friend. When he stood next to him, he turned so he could face him. “Please… don’t.” He begged. “I have tried every possible avenue. Arianna assured me there is no alternative.” he answered Joseph’s unspoken question. “So you must die?” he asked, his voice constricting. Roan gave a curt nod. “You must understand that I have no choice…” “Everybody has a choice!” Joseph shouted. “Not me.” He swallowed, trying to keep his emotions intact. “If I don’t…” “What then?” “We are not the only ones who will lose… The humans will be the ones to suffer most.” He gazed thoughtfully at their leader. “Please, think of Miguel?” Bang! Roan’s fist met the wall. Small stone fragments flew in all directions. “I have!” He growled.
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Meet the Author
Michelle Dekker is a South African born first time author. She lives with her husband and three four legged children on the Kwazulu Natal South coast. When she is not writing, she enjoys a good book, movie and the outdoors.
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