Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kitchen Love Story by Camille Finan Review

Finally! A kitchen design book inspired by how you really use your kitchen!

Pretty pictures will only get you so far when it comes to creating a kitchen you'll fall in love with.

Female cabinetmaker and carpenter Camille Finan will show you how to find your very own Kitchen Love Story by focusing on the hidden characteristics that make a kitchen functional AND flawless.

In Kitchen Love Story (available today in Paperback and forKindle), Camille shares the same expertise she gives her clients when it comes to designing a kitchen that feels as good as it looks. There are 9 must-have characteristics of a love story kitchen, and Camille is sharing them all in her new book. Find out what makes her clients write love letters to their kitchens, just like these: 


Would you write your kitchen a love letter?

"Don't take this personally, but we didn't like you.  You were old and worn out, poorly made, cheap, dysfunctional.  But now, we can't get enough of you - we love you." - Rex and Jenny Barr

"I love you, simple as that.  You made my life better and I could not be happier with our newfound relationship.  I wasn't happy in our previous relationship; you were old, unattractive, and dysfunctional.  It was embarrassing to introduce you to my friends and family, but now people cannot get enough of you, including myself." - Michelle Trippi
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My review
This is a perfect book for any cook that wants to redo their kitchen. Anyone who fought with their cabinets to fit cookie sheets and Pyrex dishes. Spice drawers, pantry spacing and spots for tupperware are just the beginning. The author explains how to take an inventory of what you have before you determine what you need for space. There is also a section on doing a budget. The author has thought of everything that I could think of. Even plumbing and electrical. There are graphs, drawings and sample letters in this book as well. This is actually perfect for any room you want to redo, just by following the author's plan. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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