Monday, July 1, 2013

In the Shadows of Glory......My NBA Life by M>S> Lily Stargazer! Review

Book Description 
 If you watch certain reality shows, you might think you know all about the private lives of professional athletes and the women with whom these celebrities are involved. The women often are portrayed as shallow or demoralizing causers of drama. Now, author M. S. Lily Stargazer is here to tell you otherwise. Lily met Clay in college and went on to travel the world with him as he excelled in his sport. She experienced it all-the fast life, the fame, and the money-but unlike so many others who were dazzled by the glittering world of professional sports, she managed to stay grounded. In the Shadows of Glory ... My NBA Life offers an in-depth, poignant account of living day to day with an NBA player-in fact, living with the NBA itself-from the perspective of "a girl who enjoyed life and fell in love with an athlete, a basketball player."

This was definitely an eye opener for me. I watched movies before, but never with this real approach and true look at being with someone famous. I am not sure that I completely understand all about the NBA and its players, but I know what their loved ones go through. I never gave much thought to what happens to loved ones when their mates are busy signing autographs or they are competitive. These athletes make a lot of money and are under a lot of pressure to win. I liked that the author wasn't bitter. The book was not about getting even and that gave it a refreshing and honest look at NBA life.
This would be a cool movie. I would like to see Jerry McGuire remade from Rod Tidwell's wife. !!
I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own!

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