Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prison Riot by glenn langohr review

I was not too surprised when I read Glenn's latest book Prison Riot. I previously reviewed Underdog here !
This book was about what happens after a prison riot. The prison dynamic is a  hard one to follow, and is not for the faint of heart. Being in lock down was horrible. They do not care if they get your name right, or your information right. The main goal is to keep the prison safe. What has to be done to ensure your own personal safety was a little surreal to me. We take for granted how we live, and our freedom. The thing that I took for granted the most was showers. It is a good thing that these prisoners were not afraid of small spaces. I would be terrified. The guards own you, and everything you do. This is a true story, and that made me feel even more for the innocent prisoners that were not involved in the prison riot. I recommend this to crime buffs everywhere so that they can see the other side of law enforcement. I am Giving this book a 5/5, because I am still interested in reading more from this author. Even though I have already read two of his books.


  1. I read this book from author Glenn Langohr love the cover, gives the message I think the author wants as these are good for crime readers and I agree not for the weak of heart. I had trouble with the writing being so biased. As a person who knows about law enforcement because of my family extended and immediate I find this book is one sided. As this is a prison, these men are there for a reason. And to think differently is not good. Our prison systems while needing work I agree, the men that are in them are there because of a reason and I don't feel pity for them. Good review even though I would not agree still a good review:)

  2. Thanks Krista, I understand what you are saying. But please consider that a lot of people end up in prison for petty drug charges these days! You rock.