Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nenuco and Pinypon Mommy Party

Oh my. What a fun time we had!
This is Sissy Burping the baby after she drank her bottle. OOPS she was making that face because the baby went peepee on her!!!!! LOL it was so funny

 This is Duders. He is such a handsome dude! He was telling us that the baby needed a bath because she peed her pants! He couldn't wait for us to get water, so he started squeezing the water out of her bottle! lol smart kid

 This is Sissy getting the baby ready for her nap
 This is the baby resting lol
 These are the PinyPon dolls. They are wicked awesome. They remind me of the rub transfer doll outfits I had when I was little where I could change out a piece of the clothing, and rub a different picture. These dolls come apart at the hair, the head, the chest/shirt and the legs. The heads also rotate to have a different facial impression.
 The flower on her head is removable and everywhere there is a hole can be one of these accesories. A few places are their heads, the front of the van, the purses, and all over the van. These surf boards go on top of the van, and they enjoyed them a lot.
 This was also very cool. The Pool/Shower really works. It was so much fun! It was also a lot of fun putting the stickers on. Most of them are in the right spot, but the kiddos did a few too. So what if the pic of inside the fridge is on the inside? The important part for me was that the toy was hands on.
This is the box that the caravan came in. There were a LO of accesories, drinking glasses and stuff for a picnic, but because we had a baby there we kept the chocking hazards in the box. There were also so many little flowers and stars and gems for their hair etc.
All in All this was such a cool toy. It combined a lot of different toys into one and I really enjoyed how well it helped fine motor skills and pretend play!
Once everyone had their dolls  made we had a fashion show! Pinypon supplied Certificates and the kids loved them. They also loved walking down the runway! We used the scavenger hunt game pieces as ideas, and matched accesories (mini memory).  I was also given so many coupons for great PinyPon and Nenuco products!
Please follow these two companies (especially with Christmas coming up, you never know what promotions there will be), by Twitter here: Pinypon twitter or Nenuco twitter ! Both companies can also be found on Facebook!
This is the van with a lot of the extra parts showing!
So here is the cool part, for my readers lol, I had a guest that could not make the party So I will be spliting up her coupons to three lucky winners. the value ranges from $2-$5! Good luck!
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I was given these products to review, but all opinions are my own!

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