Facebook Friday Night Freak out Winners!!!

Starting Friday August 30th I will be posting the Facebook winners here due to Facebooks TOS policies. If you see your name then email me @ mrsbrinius@comcast.net with your address so I can send you your prize! Congrats and Good Luck!

1. Easter Towels~ eggs for sale ~ Margaret Maggie Porter just precious! I love the Easter towels! 
2.  St Pat's towels ~ shamrocks~ Misty Dawn Moores So cute I love them. Thanks for chance.

1. Easter Egg towels ~ Vicki Harrison A wonderful kitchen accessory for Easter! Thanks for the chance!
2. Easter towels (tree bark like) ~ Rebekka Sordiff I love these, they are beautiful 

1. random St Pats towels ~ Crystal Broyles Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway.

2/22/16 Random St Patrick's Day towels ~ Lisa Donovan Awesome.....Thank you for the chance.....I am irish..

2/20/16 1. random towels Kathy Hanley Liked

1. Random towels ~ Thomas Ryan Liked and Shared.
2. Color changing angel ~ Jeanette Sheets i so love angels ,this one is beautiful!
3. Color changing tree ~ M Allie Webb That's gorgeous I love it

random towels ~ M Allie Webb Liked & shared

random towels~ Angela Frederick Flowers

1. Random towels ~ Karen Webster Hunt 

1. Random Christmas cards~ Dawn Walsh i am a rooster fan
2. Random Christmas cards~ Brittany Seiler Red and green

1. Towels (santa) M Allie Webb Liked & shared 
2. Amanda Whitley coffee theme  Christmas cards

Friday~ Random Towels ~ Cindy Vincent 

Saturday 10/17/15
1. Random Towels ~ Laura Groff Liked and shared thx for the chance

Sunday 10/11/15
1. Halloween decor ~Jeanine Jones And red!

Saturday 10/10/15
1. Spice jar towels ~ Mary Mcmenamy liked shared love
2. Halloween silver pumpkin set ~ Marie Carpenter shared thanks for chance

1. Roosters~ Stephanie Brewer My kitchen is black, white and red with chef men
2. random towels~ Jeanine Jones Liked

1. Random towels ~ Jayne Townsley I like brick red and dark brown patterns/colors.
2. Random towels~ Jessi Gonzalez 

1. Rooster towels~ Bethany Kingsley doodle doo!
2. random towels ~ Susan Campbell Shared

1. Kimmy Moore (fall boxes towel set)

1. Sherri Kidwell
2. Katrina Angele 

1. Kelsey Brooke Vinson 

Since we forgot to pick a winner Friday night we are giving away a third towel set, if the comment picked had a tag in it. This one did. So.... 
2. & 3. Annette Broxton Katie Knapp

1 & 2 Amber Chandler Kim Jacobs

1. Towels ~ Jackie Imai 
2. & 3. Nancy Lee Musser Kassie Lauhoff

1. Valerie Kuehn 
2. M Allie Webb Hi

1. ~ towels Sarah Frank 
2.  ~~ Cindy Vincent Hi !

1. random towels ~ Erin Leigh Hi!!!  sharing!!
2 & 3 random towels ~ Tiffany Becker Jessica Peringer

1. random towels~ Teresa Criddle HI
2 & 3 ~ Lisa Garrett Herring Melissa Price

1. towels with can goods ~ Zonell Conant Evening
2. random towels ~ Sarah Frank Hi!

1. towels wild flowers~ Ruby Serusa 
2. towels with apples ~ Aarone Mawdsley hi

1. Angelia Moscardelli-Medlin 

1.  cat (white) ~ Leslie S Thomas Hi
2. pillows ~ Sherri Kidwell Hi.
3. towels ~Jennifer Lang Hi 

1. Basket (any) Kathy John LaMaster HI!
2. Basket (any) Leslie S Thomas Hi

1. Basket (blue flowers) Leslie S Thomas Hi!
2. Basket ( easter eggs) Rennie Quinn Hi pretty Basket
3. Towels (winner picked sat 3/28/15) Amber Chandler Hi

1. Purex coupon winner is Mary Ovalle Hi
2. towels winner is Janice Cash 

3/13/15~ towels
1. Stephanie R Sargent Loren Vape Robertson

3/7/15~ towels

1. Janine Ann Martinez Hi!
2.Sandie Raegler Joann Tompkins-Winborn
1. heart pillows ~ Jessica Branch Jessica Willis
2.Neko Yajaira Sam Judy Slayton Norris
1. CAT~ Odelia Stern Chavez Hi!
2. BEAR~ Ashley G Thompson Bess Witt
3. Towels~ Mandi Elizabeth Gilliam Crystal Burk
1. Robyn Heffley Lee pair of hanging towels would be awesome. liked/shared
Jessi Gonzalez Bee Weekley
3. Dana Kinser Vera King
2/14/15 towels
Tara Pennington Christy Hilton-Hall
2-13-15 ~ towels
1. Holly Denise Edwards Hi!! Karen Mayernick Carmela Capano
2. Jacqlyn Smith Hi
2/06/15 ~ Hanging towels
1. Neko Yajaira Sam Hi
2. Cathy Thomas Where did you find towels! Id love a few
3. Jessi Gonzalez Hi
1/10/15 Earrings and matching necklace
1. Jasmine Vega Hi! Kay Vega, Stella Ross Crowdtap
2. Shana Marie Vaughn Hi!
11/14/14 ~ Christmas cards
1. Bethany Kingsley No, I don't think that I have. At least, not ones given to me by other people...
2. Stephanie L. Ford-Smith No definitely not
10/17/14~ bracelet
1. Joyce Jette Hi!!
9/20/14 ~ $5 DD GC and earrings
1. Jennifer Lang Hi
Saturday afternoon winners
1. Tracy Heyer Hi
2. Cassandra Smith Hi
9/12/14 ~ $5 DD GC and earrings
1. Shell Williams Hi
2. Cyndi Flores hi there!!!!
1. Krystin Gilbert hi
2. Jessica Settle Shared and liked
1. Chris Finizio Gaeta Hi!!
2. Glory Walkin Awesome giveaway/contest! Thank you for a chance to win!
1. Angelia Moscardelli-Medlin Hi
2. Christy Russell Holifield Hi!!!!
1. Karen Matlock We could really put these to good use! Thanks
2. Becky Shanks Thanks!
1. Mary LaBelle Nice!Thanks for chance.
2. Yelena Leychik Yum! I love DD
$10 Dunkin Donuts gift card is Lora Yuvienco Wikle Well hello!
1.Nadine Goldberg Elhathat Hi!
2. Ronda Crang Laney Hi
1. Sue Hull Hi!
2. Rachael Crawford Petty Hi
Game 1 :
1. Mei Ling Liu Hi Ryan R Origon
2. Denyea Laird Mcdonald Hi ScottCynthia Shepp
Game 2:
1. Katy Driver Jessica Vazquez
Game 3:
1. Connie Aguilar-Quevedo Hi Bill Potteiger
2. Teresa Daine Null hi Sammie Rose
1. Kathi Blount Hi
2.Barbara Miller Hi!!!
3.Tonya Nation Hi
1. Janis Bowles Hi
2. Sarah Phelps Hi! A book would be awesome
3. Andra Dalton Hi...book...thanks & good luck to all!!!
1. April Walrath HI
2. Sarah M Ray hi!
1. Susie King Cake donuts
2. Laurel Ann Dunkachino!!
3. Jessica Branch Doughnuts Doughnuts and more Doughnuts lol


1. Meghan Bergs-Beckwith hi

2. Liz Lew (I posted under me, instead of deal sharing aunt.... vicky moment.)

3.Laurel Ann Hi

4. Marci Richie Wright hi


1. Nikki Nicole Hiii!!!New fan from

2. Stephanie Harris Olmsted Hi

3. Dolores Miranda Hi!

3/21/14 ~ earrings

1. Timmy Deeter i think my daughter would like the yellow one

2. Pauline Wood Waltemire black

3. Kat Bp blue

Win It Wednesday 3/19/14

Game 1~ Easter Basket~ more than 50 comments so there are 2 winners~

1. Lovely Laura Husband

2. Dominique MamaLife Cloutier Thanks! It'd be for my son or daughter... Not sure how to pick just one lol so SURPISE ME! lol Fingers crossed!

Game 2~ Michelle Goswick Never seen the movie but I love to play the game because it makes you think, keeps ya guessing.


Happy Easter Prize Basket:

Christine Cameron Girl ..Daughters 1st easter !!!

3/14 winners

1. Elizabeth Ann Brey Miss scarlet

2. Roe Clark professor plum

3. Sarah Traphagan Mrs. Peacock

3/14 winners from 2/28 post

1. Mary LaBelle #2 thanks for chance.

2. Heather Baker liked and shared and 3

3. Rebecca Ritchey liked and shared #3 (only 1 is left)

2/28/14 winners from 2/21/14

1. Alyssa Gibson Here!

2. Robyn Heffley Lee 'here'; liked and shared

3. Jill Jackson Here ...liked&shared!!!


Flash Giveaway 1, winner is Brooke Patterson Hi


1. Surprise ~ Donna Feibusch Okay I shared on my time-line and I'd like the surprise gift please!

2. Jewelry or candles ~ Diane Sharpe #3. Love

3. Whatever is left ~ Eli Yanti 3. I need surprise lol. Liked and shared

2/10/14 Necklaces ~ not enough shares for fourth winner

1. Lori C. Simpson Liked, shared and #1 the parrot

2. Larina Bridenstine i like 2 because butterflys can be caught but they die in captivity. but they are ment to be free.

3. Tamera McIntosh love them all !!

2/3/14 Necklaces

1. Eli Yanti 1

2. Tracey Asarisi-lafountain 3

3. Holli Ann #3

There were enough shares for a 4th winner to get 2 pairs of earrings!

1. Melissa Snow the bracelet Liked and Shared

1/26/14 $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card

1. Natalie Mae Wood Chocolate chip frappe

There was not 75 shares so there is only 1 winner.

3 Necklace winners:

1. Christine Sarkauskas I like number 2

2. Michelle Li I love them all. The red(#1) or light green(3) and the earrings (2) are really pretty..

3. Aimless One 1.

Since there were only 29 shares there is not a 4th winner

1/10/14 ~ necklaces

1. Vicky K. Eng Sand dollar

2. Lisa Read Painter Very pretty! I'd choose #2.

3. Tracy Melhinch I just adore the sand dollar necklace!!

Since we did not reach 50 Shares, we are only having 3 winners this week!

12/26/13~ necklaces

Melissa Marion Ives love a good surprise! ~ FORFEIT, no reply

Amanda Geel Definitely the blue, would be great photo prop ~ FORFEIT, no reply

Christin VanNorman I love the blue set!! Wishing ya well this New Years!

Christin since you were the third comment number picked by random.org and omeone already picked the blue, you are getting the orange. Christin since the blue was never claimed, it is yours :).

The 2 new winners are...

Jaime Hoelle Buncie I like surprises. #3

Lindsey Roberts #1 is the best! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for such a great opportunity! Happy Holidays!


1. Kristyn Denslow Anderson Green pipe study

2. Kara Sander plum, pipe, study

3. Debra Carozza-Lynch scarlet w/ a knife in the library


1. Rachiel Lynn Rainwater Rcg Lots of tape always run out Felicia Tatum Sarah Fae Graham


1. Yoli Flores Scarlet knife library

2. Patricia Wojnar Crowley Plum, lead pipe, billiard room!

3. Elizabeth Parker Green, rope, study!


1. Bekki Boster Scarlett rope library

2.Janine Ann Martinez Mr. Green with the knife in the billiard room.

3. Kara Sander Green rope study

November 22, 2013

1. Missie Lynne Sands Scarlet, library,knife

2.Trennie Seis Scarlet pipe billard room

3. April Warren Scarlet knife library

november 15, 2013

1.Bill Hoff plum pipe library

2. Catherine Suzanne Crook Green, knife, library

3. Darealest Fakestt scarlet rope library

November 8, 2013

game 1 ~ Jordan Lu Green, pipe, library

game 2 ~ Tasha May Inkpen Plum, Study, Rope

game 3~Kristen Nichole Coronado Scarlet with a rope in the billards room

November 1, 2013

GAME 1 WINNER~ Krysshonda Williams Green, knife, billiard room

GAME 2 WINNER~ Kristen Nichole Coronado Peacock, candlestick, in the conservatory

GAME 3 WINNER~ Toreale Sears White candlestick kitchen

October 25, 2013

Heather MacNaughton Scarlett ..lead pipe...library

Tamera McIntosh Green knife study

Elkaisis Armstead Jr Scarlet, rope, library

October 18, 2013

Game 1 winner is Penelope Merriweather professor plum, knife library

Game 2 winner is Erica Weaver plum lead pipe library

Game 3 winner is Leah Cindy Lucas Scarlet, Knife, Study

October 11, 2013

Game 1 winner is Alisha Kostiuk green, lead pipe, Billard room

Game 2 winner is Zesty Wonderland Scarlet, Knife, Billiard Room

Game 3 winner is Virginia Justi Green, lead pipe, billiard room

October 4, 2013

Game 1 winner is Paul's Sarah Scarlet. Knife. Billiard Room.

Game 2 winner is Kathy Lane Green,knife,library

Game 3 winner is Kat Bp Scarlet, lead pipe, study

September 27th

Game 1 winner is Daykara Fritzges Plum, lead pipe, study

Game 2 winner is Denise Lewandowski Plum, rope, study

Game 3 winner is Anita Fonte Green, knife and library

Flash Christmas Cards winner is Tammy Cordell Hudson Clue

September 20th

Game 1 winner is JC Jc scarlet pipe study

Game 2 winner is Robin Nicole Winder Scarlet knife study

Game 3 winner is Melinda Stephens Green, rope, study

Thanks for playing and don't forget to email me!

August 30th

Game 1 winner is Laura Hemingway green. rope, library!!!!

Game 2 winner is Courtney Horacek Green, lead pipe, study

Game 3 winner is Sylvia Petrik Mollison plum, rope, billiard room

Game 4 winner is Virginia Horton Scarlet, knife, Study

September 11th

Game 1 winner is BobbiJo Pentney plum rope billiard

Game 2 winner is Justina Justice Scarlet lead pipe billiards

Game 3 winner is Bobbye Hope Booth Plum knife study

September Friday the 13th

Game 1 winner is Elaine Beth Bishop Scarlet rope study

Game 2 winner is Melinda Fritz Green, lead pipe, study

Game 3 winner is Lor Mal Plum knife library


  1. you need to post your guess here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deal-Sharing-Aunt/124318396397

  2. Thank you! Fun game and nice prize :)

  3. I would love to win. How do you choose your winners?