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Josie's Dream by Angela Raines Excerpt & Giveaway

Angela Raines is the pen name of Doris McCraw.  Doris is an actor, historian, poet, photographer, and (of course) writer. After she retired Doris decided to pursue her other dreams. She performs as Helen (Hunt) Jackson, Katharine Lee Bates, as stand alone historic characters. She researched and wrote on Karol W Smith, Colorado's first film commissioner, and currently is researching the early women doctors of Colorado prior to 1900. She writes and post haiku with her photographs, five days a week on her fivesevenfive page.  

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Josephine, Josie, Forrester FOLLOWS her DREAM and heads to the Eastern Plains of Colorado to be the doctor for the new town of Kiowa Wells. She faces the challenges of not only being a woman doctor, but earning the trust of the people in and near the town. Her life is complicated when William Murphy, a lawman, becomes her patient after being shot and losing his memory. Can these two find the love and happiness they deserve, despite a threat from the past? Can they get past their own beliefs about life and love and societies expectations to find the love and happiness they both deserve?

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Snippet  3.  

Here in this small town, Josie was the sum total of what the medical profession had to offer. Her fear was she might not be enough. Sitting down, after removing her hat, Josie placed her head on her desk, fighting back tears and exhaustion. Sighing, Josie thought she’s rest her eyes a few moments, then write the case notes of all she’d done today.
“Josie?” She heard from a distance. “Doctor Josie, are you okay?” Raising tired, bloodshot eyes, Josie saw Amos standing in the office doorway. She wondered if, in fact, she’d dozed off.
“I’m fine Amos, just a bit tired,” she answered, lips struggling to form a smile, as she pulled the paperwork close.
“You look all in. Why don’t you go up and rest a bit?” Amos suggested, tentatively moving farther into the office. “I’ll call you so you don’t sleep through the night, although that would probably do you more good,” he finished.
“There are still some things I have to…” Josie began in a tired voice when she heard “You are heading up to that room and resting.”
The determined order came from Will as he entered Josie’s office, looking fit and oh so handsome. The bandages had been removed from his head, and other than the bald area around the wound, he looked very healthy. But Josie wasn’t going to be ordered about. She was an independent lady and no matter how good looking he was, she would do as she pleased.
“You can just take your suggestion and —,” Josie shot back just as Will swooped in, and, without hesitation, lifted Josie from her chair. With his arm around her back, Will started carrying her from the room, maneuvering around a startled, grinning Amos.

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