Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To Suit a Suitor by Paula Kremser Review

About the book:
Much to her mother’s annoyance, Julia North can’t catch a husband. Nearing the end of her third London season, Julia is jilted. Again! Constantly wondering what it is about her that drives the gentlemen away, Julia leaves London to visit a distant cousin for a couple of months. She is hoping to forget about husband hunting for a time, but she inadvertently finds herself in competition for Henry Chamberlain, the most desirable gentleman in Somersetshire. Marriage wouldn’t seem so detestable if she could marry him. But every young lady has the same dream of capturing his attention, so Julia knows she doesn’t have a chance. What she doesn’t know is that her desire to avoid Henry’s attention is the very thing that has caught it, but it’ll take some effort on Henry’s part to convince Julia of that.

About the author:
Paula Kremser focused on a career in science for a few years after graduating from Brigham Young University. Several years later when she moved with her young family to England, Paula seized the opportunity to focus on her love of the Regency Era. The enchantment of the aristocracy and the fascinating stories from every stately home she visits have been both research and inspiration for her first novel, “Sophia.”

My Review:
This is an interesting historical. It is not like others that I have read. I say that because the older woman, past her season, is trying to get married. To someone that ends up giving her an ultimatum. One that he sticks to, that made me dislike him throughout the book. I did like Julia and her beau, Henry. They were meant to be and reminded me of Pride and Prejudice, especially their stubbornness. Not to mention the airhead sibling that has no clue what man she wants. I also thought that Marianne, Julia's mom, really only cared about her own happiness. Her daughters were in her way, rather then her caring about them. All in all this is a very interesting and clean romance that leaves me wanting more from the author. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.

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