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Temple of Indra's Series by Rachael Stapleton Interview & Giveaway


Temple of Indra's Series by Rachael Stapleton

This Librarian is Just Killing TimeTravel. Sophia Marcil loves her grandmother’s twisted tales almost as much as the sapphire ring passed down to her. Wearing it, however, could be her downfall. After slipping the jewel onto her finger she is pushed from a cliff—landing splat in the middle of 19th Century Monaco, where a killer plot to seize the throne could consume her entire future—past and present. Sophia believes she’s being forced into an eccentric millionaire’s dinner theatre but a hidden diary, a secret passage and a whispered conversation reveal to her that the role of a princess is not all fun and games. With the help of a man from outside the palace walls, Sophia undertakes a spellbinding journey straight out of a Grimm tale. Learning the gem’s secrets and the powerful curse behind it are only the beginning. With time and the constant threat of death hanging over her, she must take a page out of her own history to hunt down someone who isn't killing by the book. Can she do it before she’s checked out for good?

Family Secrets Can Be a Real Curse. Former Librarian turned Time Traveler, Sophia Marcil is looking forward to a shiny new beginning, and that’s just what she gets when the man of her dreams proposes. Unfortunately, the ring Cullen O’Kelley slips on her finger holds a piece of the very sapphire that’s cursed her. Wrenched back to a stately home in 1920, she discovers a hidden chapter in her own family story. In an effort to re-write the past, things get foggy in a London bookshop; long-lost relative’s re-surface, and as a family gathering rapidly goes awry, Sophia ricochets back to the present. Someone close to her is a killer, and this time she’s determined to read between the lines. Her ex-boyfriend seems to be the likely character, but evidence to the contrary soon has her questioning whether she wrote the wrong guy off. With her wedding day fast approaching Sophia needs to figure out if Cullen’s love, spells death? Jewels are a girl’s best friend, unless they’re cursed, then they’re just worth killing for.

The Past Is Never Far BehindIt Also Won’t Stay Buried. The page has turned at last. Sophia Marcil’s nemesis is six feet under and she’s off to return the cursed sapphire to India, so she can settle into the next chapter of her life—a new bookshop and wedded bliss. One problem, her wedding day has come early and the wrong man stands at the altar. The mysterious temple has sent Sophia back into the past, more specifically, into the body of the soon to be murdered bride of Dunlace Castle—a place she was hired to research. Thankfully her detour into the past is brief and she returns to safety in her own time. But how safe is she? Three dead bodies and her missing groom have Sophia wondering if her time travel has changed more than the castle’s structure. To make matters worse an empty grave leads her to believe that her nemesis is alive and forcing her fiancé to time travel. Sophia is determined to dig up the truth but will it mean returning to a place she swore she’d written off? Everyone has their cross to bear and Sophia’s might just live to haunt her.

Closing the Book on the PastDoesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Opened. Between The Mysterious Ink Spot, Sophia O’Kelly’s cozy Dublin bookshop, and her role as mother and wife, she is more apt to exchange books and banter these days than blows with a bad guy. But living in the present has its pains; and Sophia can’t help but wonder if her migraines are connected to her fate. Sixteen years ago it was foretold to her that her daughter would become a dark and powerful witch, and stealing Sophia’s ancient spell book might just be the first step in proving the grim prediction true. Looking for answers and relief from the pain, Sophia agrees to a hypnotic regression. Unfortunately for Sophia, time’s up and she finds herself manipulated, betrayed and imprisoned for witchcraft. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, Sophia’s husband and best friend uncover a painting, offer hope that Sophia could be alive. The answers lie in a fifteenth-century castle—all they have to do is navigate time to get there. Of course, they’re not the only ones searching; Sophia’s daughter is determined to tag along, and she’s leading the traitor right to them. It’s been sixteen years since Sophia O’Kelly closed the book on her past but someone wants revenge and they’re eager to open that particular volume of secrets.


About The Author

Rachael Stapleton lives in a Second Empire Victorian home with her husband and two children in Ontario, Canada and enjoys writing in the comforts of aged wood and arched dormers.


Where are you from?

I am very fortunate to live in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario. It’s a place where the people are down-to-earth, the beauty is breathtaking, and the activities are endless. You can skate, ski, snowmobile, or snow shoe through the silent wood. You can also curl up by a toasty fire with a book—my favorite thing to do—might I suggest a good cozy time travel mystery such as the Temple of Indra’s Jewel.

Tell us your latest news?
Dun DunDun Duuuun ...Temple of Indra’s Lies, the third book in the Time Traveling Bibliophile Book Seriesjust released. Please go check it out. As well as the new branded and rewritten versions of Books One and Two: Temple of Indra’s Jewel and Temple of Indra’s Curse. Book Four, Temple of Indra’s Witchwill be releasing this year.

When and why did you begin writing?
I don’t really know exactly when or why other to say that writing is like breathing and I don’t remember a time when I didn’t do it. Even when I was little, I was always making up stories in my head to put myself to sleep or entertain myself on long car rides.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Probably in 2006 when I was pregnant with my son and wrote my first book while on maternity leave.

What inspired you to write your first book?
Snorkeling on vacation in 2001, I swam over an underwater cavern and it felt very mysterious to me, like I could enter another world through it.These days anything and everything inspires me. I'm like a tap that been turned on and you can't turn it off. I'm constantly thinking of storylines. Mostly nature, architecture and history get me in a creative mood and I’m a sucker for ambiance so just stick me by a roaring fire, with a factual book on history and I’m good to go.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I begin with an overall theme or premise and go from there. I do outline, but not extensively. Once I’ve written the bones of it down, I tend to write my chapters randomly. Setting is a huge motivator for me. I’ll get an idea for where the scene is taking place and then I drop my core cast of characters down into it, presenting them with a mysterious event or a key plot point.

How did you come up with the title of the series?
I wanted something branded so that it would work with all of the books in the series. The Temple in the story where the jewel is hidden is intricate to the plot, although its roll changes throughout, hence Book 3’s title, Temple of Indra’s LIES. Also I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, so I suppose I was influenced by that.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Not really.My books are meant to be fun. I love learning about history, I love the architecture of old buildings and houses and the dynamics of society from days gone by. Writing about the time traveling bibliophileand her complicated past lives allows me to explore all of those things. When Sophia steps back in time—she takes me along for the ride. Hopefully my readers enjoy being pulled along as well.

What would you like my readers to know?
Thanks for reading this interview, and I hope you’ll check out The Time Traveling Bibliophile series.

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Jewel - Amazon B&N
Curse - Amazon B&N
Lies - Amazon B&N
Witch – Coming Soon
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