Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Otherling by Heather M. Walker Excerpt, Teaser, Giveaway, Interview & Book Sale

The Otherling
by Heather M. Walker


GENRE:  Paranormal romance



In the deep south of Doltree, Georgia, not everything is what is seems. Long accustomed to life as an outcast, the beautiful and demure Annaleah Grace has learned to stand apart from the crowd with dignity. Being the daughter of a white witch and a white witch herself, living in a town of devout Christians, has earned her more than a few raised eyebrows.

When she meets the handsome, yet snarky, Professor Bainbridge with whom she will be teaching at the local University, everything in her life abruptly changes. Something about him seems intimately familiar to her in a way she can’t totally identify. Even though he’s brusque and intimidating, Annaleah is drawn by his otherworldly eyes and foreign mannerisms.

With the help of angels, both Holy and fallen, she discovers just how unique she truly is. Dreams become a meeting place between this reality and the next, and Professor Sebastian Bainbridge’s true identity is revealed.

When her dreams begin to be more than dreams and she wakes up with Georgia red clay she walked through during a nightmare still wet on her feet, Annaleah knows something intense and powerful is going on, and that somehow, Professor Bainbridge is part of it. She is determined to embrace the profound destiny that awaits her and the Professor, even if that means taking up a sword to fight the Devil himself.


Excerpt One:

Deep in the infernal glow of Hell’s belly, the Old Ones began to stir. Called forth out of a dreamless slumber by a growing sense of tension, where they had remained undisturbed for millennia, they awakened. Languidly they spread their scarred, battered wings and stretched their crooked limbs as their ancient eyes began to open. A growing sense of tension and unease began as a subtle stirring in the air and rose until it permeated Hell, down to the chambers in which they had slept undisturbed for millennia. Anger at being disturbed rose like bile in their throats.  Ancient mouths filled with rows of hooked fangs yawned and snarled. Yet the Wise Ones knew, it had been no creature of Hell that had summoned them, no foolish mortal in the land of the Above that had recited age old incantations of beckoning. Things in the land of the Above were changing, shifting the balance of Good and Evil towards the powers of the Light. Narrowing newly opened eyes, the daemons concentrated and followed the signature of energy to its source in the world of mortals. The hideous ones smelled this change with flared nostrils, letting it fill their rotten lungs until it burst forth into their minds with a certain knowing.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Heather was born into a military family, and has lived everywhere from Mountain Home, Idaho, to a small town in England called Bloxham. She eventually settled down In LaGrange, Georgia with her partner of 15 years, Billy, her 7 year old daughter Makaylah, and her 4 indoor cats. She considers herself first and foremost, a mother. She enjoys being a writer, a jeweler, a glass artist, a painter, and avid crafter. It has been her life long dream to publish a book, and she has lovingly worked on “The Otherling” in its various stages for almost 3 years. Heather loves to read, mostly horror, fantasy and occult books. She studies angelology, mysticism, Wicca, psychology and the human mind. Her writing goal is to create a book that comes to life in her reader’s hands and minds, and places them there in the middle of the story. It is her deepest wish that “The Otherling”, as well as her other written works, will accomplished this, and make a home in the hearts of all those who read her words.

Where are you from? I’m an Air Force brat, so I am not really from anywhere. I have lived everywhere from Mountain Home, Idaho to Bloxham England. I have lived in a small town called LaGrange, in  Georgia, for about 18 years now, so I guess that is as close to where I am from as I can get.

Tell us your latest news? I am so excited to be talking about my book! It means a lot to me, I put my heart and soul into it. I am just really hoping that every reader feels it when they read, and are immersed in the story.

When and why did you begin writing? I really began to be interested in writing as a passion in about the 3rd grade. I enjoyed using my imagination to form worlds that no one else had dreamed of, and I liked to explore those worlds. I loved to be read to, and that just sort of blossomed into writing.
When did you first consider yourself a writer? In about the 3rd grade, when my teacher read a piece I had written to the whole class, and everyone liked it. I thought to myself, yeah, this is something I am good at, this is something that I like, and it went on from there.

What inspired you to write your first book? I have always been interested in the paranormal, in the occult and the arcane. I have felt connected to these things ever since I was about 6 years old, I just had a deep intrinsic feeling that there was more to our world than what others could easily perceive. OS I took that passion and I decided to write something in that genre.

what would you like my readers to know? I want you to know not to change who you are for someone else. No one else in the world can be who you are, embrace it, love it, and be proud of the gifts that came with you into the world the day you were born. Never let anyone belittle you, or shame you, for any reason, for your race, your sexual preference, your religion, or for any other reason at all. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself of for what you believe in.

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