Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Shadow of Loss by Josefina Gutierrez Giveaway & Excerpt

The Shadow of Loss
Release Date: 09/31/14

Summary from Goodreads:
Evelyn Gonzalez keeps losing people, which is always hard, but has she lost something much more? Has she lost her soul? Evelyn has a nervous breakdown and is institutionalized, after months of sorrow and pain she is thrust back into the world. The world of teenage angst and Calculus.

Can she trust people again? Especially after hurtful assumptions and judgments made her miss her junior year of high school. Evelyn is just trying to heal what she lost and graduate from high school.

Excerpt 2:
“Uh sorry…am I sitting in your spot?” I ask him.  When he turns around I notice it is the guy that helped me this morning.

“Nah.  You’re good,” he says and winks, “We meet again.  I’m Matt,” he extends his fist.

“It would seem so,” I awkwardly tap his fist.

He then goes on to ramble, apparently he doesn’t need me to say anything, because he talks like we have known each other since birth.  I have to breathe, but I just let out a sigh instead.  “…so you see he is usually content with a blotch on a piece of paper, as long as you can come up with a seemingly logical, illogical, explanation for how society has undermined your very existence,” he says.  I’m not even sure what he’s talking about, so I just nod and say, “Yup.”

“Ya know I like this mysterious slash hippie vibe you have going on,” he exaggerates by waving his arms up and down my heavy frame, “Like you aren’t a tree hugger per se because you have those boots, which are pretty badass for this town.  But you also dress like you just don’t give a fuck and would punch someone in the face if they looked at you wrong.  Am I right?  Oh please tell me I’m right,” he grins like the Cheshire cat.

“I’m not sure what to say to any of the blibber-blabber that came out of your mouth,” I say and immediately regret it.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  I probably offended him, “I’m sorry,” I obsessively pull on my jacket sleeve.  I can feel my left arm burning.

“Nah.  You’re good.  More than good my mysterious hippie friend,” he says and pats my shoulder.  “I have this flyer for an epic party I’m throwing this Saturday.  Well every Saturday actually.  You will be tripping ba**s…if you had any…you should come and soak in my awesomeness.”

“Uh thank you…humbleness isn’t really high on your list huh.”

“I am awesome.  It is a fact.  You know—” he begins to say and is cut off by a loud bang at the front.

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About the Author
Josefina Gutierrez is a Young Adult eBook author and a forever student currently working towards a Masters in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Josefina writes Young Adult Multicultural, Sci-fi, and Fantasy literature in her free time when she’s not embarking on adventures with her son and gnomes Fitzgerald and Bartholomew.

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  1. thank you for the chance to win :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting an excerpt!! You're awesome. I'm so thankful.

  3. I liked the excerpt, it will be interesting to read how Evelyn begins to trust again.

  4. I liked the excerpt best. This book sounds like such an interesting and intriguing read. I will totally have to add this book to my "to-read" list.