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The Founders' Plot by Frank Victoria Review, Trailer Dream Cast & Giveaway


Clarion Reviews – Five Stars: … an
intriguing and rich novel. The char-
acters, dialogue, and plot will
entertain readers…to the end.

Kirkus Reviews: … for a fictional
account of a contemporary political
dispute, this is a competent if not
inspiring option.

When California Governor Michael J. DiGrasso pushes through a tough immigration law, the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional, but the decorated Vietnam veteran refuses to accept the ruling. This ignites a clash between federal, state, and judicial power that threatens to jar the country’s political and justice systems. And it leaves the governor’s long-time friend, President of the United States, Martin W. Ballard, with the decision of whether to federalize the California National Guard to enforce the Court’s order.

Tension increases when Elizabeth Stern, a savvy member of the opposition party tries to ram through a new immigration law that will pass judicial review. An expert in back-room legislative machinations, she’ll go to any length to force the governor to obey the Court decision, and her devious maneuvers throw DiGrasso’s personal and professional life into turmoil.

One subplot involves DiGrasso’s close personal friend, Congressman Manuel Mendoza, who is indicted for taking bribes. Another concerns two Mexican families in the country illegally and the tragedies that befall them because of the new immigration law.

The unfolding of these interwoven events creates a tense, fast-paced thriller that parallels the current tumult over illegal immigration and the on-going debate on Constitutional interpretation that will leave readers craving for the eventual outcome.



Frank Victoria was born and raised in Chicago, a city rich in industry and ambitions and many of his ideas were molded by its brand of politics and immigrant culture. He served in the Marine Corps, which left an imprint of just how much he could do and helped create the persistence needed to earn his BA in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.

It took him nearly eight years to get the degree because he repeatedly had to interrupt his studies with full-time work to pay for his expenses. He toiled on the docks loading and unloading freight, moved furniture, worked construction, was a cabbie, a shoe salesman and a factory worker. The payoff: Time in the ivory tower setting balanced by a nitty gritty education in the real world.

Dream Cast
·         Tom Selleck as California Governor Michael DiGrasso
·         Katherine Zeta Jones as his wife Josephine
·         Anthony Hopkins as President Ballard
·         Meryl Streep as antagonist Elizabeth Stern

·         Kevin Costner as John Stone

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My Review:
This is a book that is about politics, the American dream, corruption, greed and immigration. This was a fun book to read because there are two opinions, either you are for the law, or against it. As I read the book I felt like I was having a political debate. The thought of legislation being unconstitutional is not new, however the author used a topic that is very relative in today's society. I have personally ran for office in my town before and I loved all the political "lingo". The story line about immigration was also interesting to me. My Great Grandparents came to the United States of America from Italy. If this law was passed when they came here, then I would probanly not be sitting here right now. Nor would I be speaking English. The author made me think about democracy, and he did it in a way that it crept up on me. I did not expect to get into the characters like I did, and I felt for Marisol and Julio. I also found myself disliking the Governor at times. It is definitely an interesting story, and I really enjoyed this book, and I would love to read more from this author. I am giving this book a 5/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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