Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Our new cat! renaissance pet portraits of our cats!

 When we looked at our house there were kittens in the basement. When we got our house we ended up with a boy and a girl. I was in a car accident and did not realize that kittens can get pregnant so fast. I was home alone and Orbit had 4 kittens, one was born not breathing, but I rubbed her until she took a breath. Now, about 16 years later we are blessed to still have Orbit with us. She was an amazing mom!  In the beginning of the year we were given the opportunity to save a cat from going to the Humane Society. She is spunky! 

We named her Doublemint.

Orbit and her sleep on our bed every night and are getting along great! 

Orbit! She likes to talk a lot. 

I took many pictures pictures of the kittens and their dad, and they are hanging all over the house. 
I was given the opportunity to review a pet portrait. I was really excited to check out the options, We have all seen the picture of dogs playing poker. How cool is it that the Mr and mrs paw website allows you to insert pictures of your own pets in great poses!! You can choose up to 4 pets and they have renaissance pet portraits of Duke poses, avenger poses, and even some Star Wars and Titanic inspired poses. There are Harry potter themes, Game of thrones, sports and many others. There are also many different items you can put the picture on, of course canvas portraits, but there are also phone cases, pillows, and mugs. there is something for everyone! 
I chose the pose I did because I wanted my cats to be looking at each other. They also both act prim and proper at times, so I thought the suits were a great fit for them.  
I have many pictures of my pets on my facebook page, and this portrait is a great addition to add to our living room. 


  1. Our house turned out to be a purrfect surprise! From kittens in the basement to a loving cat mom, Orbit, who's been with us for 16 years, and now a spunky addition to our family, this journey has been filled with joy.
    Best and Regards
    Trigger Leads.

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