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When The Serpent Bites byNesly Clerge Excerpt & Giveaway


GENRE: Crime fiction, psychological thriller



Frederick Starks has it all—a gorgeous wife who was his high school sweetheart, three beautiful children, a mansion and cars others envy, millions in the bank, respected in his community, admired by his employees, loved and respected by loyal friends. He revels in the hard-earned power and control he’s acquired. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold,” which Starks discovers when gut-wrenching betrayal by his wife sends him over the edge and into a maximum security prison. There, Starks is a new “fish,” stripped of nearly everything he’s always relied on. In that place, where inmates and guards have their own rules and codes of conduct, Starks is forced to face the darker side of life, and his own darker side, especially when the betrayals, both inside and outside the prison, don’t stop. He must choose which path to follow when the line between right and wrong becomes blurred: one that leads to getting out of the physical and emotional hellhole he finds himself in or one that keeps him alive.


EXCERPTS (Exclusive excerpt):

Starks, handcuffed, was dragged from the kitchen by two police officers. That’s when he noticed two small children clinging to their mother’s robe. Sight of them cleared his mind enough for him to see and hear their terror. Anguish and guilt and shame about how their innocence had been shattered—by him—caused him to cry out.

His eyes were wide and unseeing as the police hustled him out of the house. Starks stumbled and slid on the slick grass. The two policemen gripping his arms yanked him to his feet. Blue flashing lights drew his attention. He saw the ambulance. And wondered what he’d done. He remembered grabbing the bowl but nothing after that. He looked down; his hands, arms, and clothes were bathed in red. His stomach knotted, his skin went clammy.

The officer on his right cursed when Starks vomited.

County jail personnel bagged and labeled his personal items. His pants, sweater, and shoes were put into an evidence bag, his clothing replaced with an orange jumpsuit to wear, along with sneakers with no laces. A doctor cleaned him up and tended to his cuts and abrasions.

The only time he spoke was to ask to call his attorney. After a brief explanation of what had happened, he said, “Mike, my car.” He felt guilty for worrying about it and relieved when his attorney said he’d take care of it.

He waited hours in a holding cell with—as he perceived them—unkempt, smelly lowlifes, before he was given a private cell. Once alone and he had time to think, he realized the tidy, organized life he prized and insisted on had taken a very wrong turn. The reality was that it had turned long before this night, he reminded himself. Denial was no longer an option.

The nightmares began that night. Violent, punishing images that yanked him awake, drenched him in sweat, causing one of the night guards to tell him if he didn’t keep his mouth shut, he’d come in there and shut it for him.

He wanted to rewind time.

Too late for that. Time to get yourself out of this and move on with your life.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nesly Clerge received his bachelor’s degree in physiology and neurobiology at the University of Maryland, and later pursued a doctoral degree in the field of chiropractic medicine. Although his background is primarily science-based, he has finally embraced his lifelong passion for writing. Clerge’s debut novel, When the Serpent Bites, will be available in 2015, with the sequel to follow in 2016. His debut novel explores choices, consequences, and the complexities of human emotions, especially when we are placed in a less-than-desirable setting. When he is not writing, Clerge manages several multidisciplinary clinics. He enjoys reading, chess, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with his significant other and his sons.

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Nesly will be awarding a signed paperback copy of When The Serpent Bites to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


  1. Nothing that has you ending up in a jail cell is the start of anything good, let me tell you.