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The Gods of Garran By Meredith Skye Excerpt, Interview, Book Sale & Giveaway

The Gods of Garran
Meredith Skye


Once the Borrai, the Gods of Garran, walked among the people, taming the wind and the fiery mountains. Then invaders came from the sky and killed the gods--destroying all who opposed them. A hundred years have passed since the Invaders came from the sky--an advanced alien race known as the Chanden. Now, having suffered many grievances at the hand of the aliens, the tribesmen rise up to find the god-stones and revive the ancient powers of the Borrai--and reclaim their world.

When the Chanden learn of this, they send a spy to infiltrate the Garrans--a young woman named Asta, who has her own reasons for hating the Garrans. She begins to realize that they are dealing with a real power and not a superstition when they get close to finding the god-stones. Can the Chanden be in the wrong?


Slowly, Moorhen made his way toward the group. It sounded like ten or more people. He readied his bow.

The band of men stopped moving, perhaps to camp for the night. Moorhen heard raucous laughter. Would expert warriors be foolish enough to get openly drunk in an unprotected place, even if their spirits were high because of a good hunt?

As Moorhen peered out from a new vantage point, he froze. These men were no clansmen. They weren't even Garran--but Chanden. His heart pumped faster. What were they doing so far from any city? Men like that seldom ventured this far out, except to seek out trouble.

They hadn't seen him. He'd make his way back to the ravine--then he could leave unseen. The Chanden were not good hunters, but their weapons were deadly.

As Moorhen started back, he heard a cry amidst the laughter, a word or two in Garran. Moorhen turned, recognizing his brother Norbi's voice. Quickly Moorhen climbed to a vantage point where he could see the men clearly. In their midst Moorhen saw his little brother struggling against them. Two of the Chanden men hit Norbi and kicked him. From the shape his brother was in, the Chanden must have had him for awhile.

Moorhen's blood grew hot. Without stopping to think, he aimed his bow at the tallest man who was tormenting his brother and shot. The arrow hit and the man fell. Realizing they were not alone, the Chanden looked around.

Moorhen shot again. Another Chanden fell.

Author Information;

Meredith Skye began writing fiction in elementary school and always wanted to be a novelist. She was fascinated by tales of the fantastic and bizarre.

She loves to travel. She has a fascination with the Middle Ages and loves swords, medieval costumes, castles and ancient lifestyles. She enjoys Celtic art and music.

She's a vivid dreamer and many of her dreams come back to life in her novels.

Meredith Skye has a B.A. from the University of Utah in Film Studies.


Q. Where are you from?

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, but before that, I lived all over. Ten years ago, I moved to Alaska, living above the Arctic Circle. Now I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, in the land of the Midnight Sun!

Q. Tell us your latest news?

My second book, Magic Spawn, will hopefully come out in October. It's an urban fantasy horror book. A necromancer from another universe attacks a town in Nebraska on Halloween night. A 17 year old boy, Rian, learns the the his own 10 year old brother, Kyran, is not from Earth—and may not be even be human. The necromancer has come for Kyran.

Q. When and why did you begin writing?
I began writing in 5th grade. I was a big fan of Star Trek and I'd hurry home after school to watch each episode. I wrote a Star Trek story, which I showed to my brother's and sisters. I decided that I wanted to be a writer and I have been working on that ever since.

Q. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

In the Winter of 1983, I got a short story, titled "The Fractured Boy," into an issue of our college scifi magazine: The Leading Edge. I was 20 years old and had fallen in with a science fiction writing group, which had a great effect on my writing. I knew that I really wanted to be a writer and this was a great beginning for me. 

Q. What inspired you to write your first book?

A dream. Actually, that's what inspires a lot of my stories … crazy dreams. In the dream, my twin sister and I were two princesses and she wanted to rule the kingdom instead of me and was very jealous and had me kidnapped one night to get rid of me. I turned that into a novel about two twin princes, one who was studious and knew a lot of facts, and the other who hated reading and one who was very social and often got into trouble. When the social twin has the other kidnapped he finds himself in his brother's shoes and begins to understand him better. They each during the book get to know the other better and learn to become friends. I called it "Arnwanl and Tibit" (which were the character's names). It was a terrible title. I wrote it on the back of burger wrappers at the fast food place I worked at in the summer during college. I lost the final chapters of the book though, and the book never did get rewritten. (My sister and I are not twins; not sure where that came from).

Q. what would you like my readers to know?

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