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BURNOUT by Teresa Trent Excerpt, Interview, Giveaway and FREE Book!

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by Teresa Trent

The mystery is a real page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end. And the small-town characters are a hoot.
~Traci Andrighetti’s Blog
Teresa is a new author to me… I like how she paints the town and the people in your mind so vividly.
~Shelley’s Book Case
This was a quick and very entertaining mystery that kept me up most of the night.
This book really grabbed and pulled me wanting to know what happened to certain characters. I just enjoyed it so much!!
~Community Bookstop
I love the town of Pecan Bayou and their involvement with everyone business. The caring of different characters and their relationships to each other. The humor in the book is fun and made me smile a lot.

Burnout… was a pleasure to read.
~Back Porchervations
I have been enjoying this series and it has only gotten better with each installment, including this one.
~Rantin, Ravin and Reading
I truly enjoyed all the different characters and story lines in this book!
~My Recent Favorite Books
Burnout (Pecan Bayou Series)
Cozy Mystery
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It’s November in Pecan Bayou, Texas and while the town is getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday a deadly fire breaks out at the newspaper office. When Rocky, the editor is nowhere to be found, Betsy refuses to believe he has perished in the fire. The entire town is coming down with the stomach flu and Betsy must deal with her husband’s new found celebrity as an on-air weatherman filling in for and under-the-weather Hurricane Hal . Leo loves all the attention he’s getting, especially from the sexy administrative assistant who works at the station. Is their new marriage in trouble already? Find out in the fifth book of the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series. All the characters you’ve come to know and love are back and you’ll find plenty of the Happy Hinter’s recipes and tips included at the end of the book.
About The Author
Teresa Trent writes her Pecan Bayou Mystery Series from Houston, Texas. With a father in the army, her family moved often finally settling in Colorado. Living in Texas for the last 18 years she loves the people and even the weather. Teresa includes Danny, a character with Down Syndrome in her Pecan Bayou family and in real life is the mother of an adult son with Down Syndrome/PDD. Creating the character of Danny and all of the other inhabitants of Pecan Bayou has been a joy for her. Even though she lives in the big city, her writing is influenced by all of the interesting people she finds in small towns and the sense of family that seems to be woven through them all.
Teresa Trent Interview for Deal Sharing Aunt

1. Where are you from? 
Houston, Texas is my home.   
2. Tell us your latest news?
 I am on tour this month promoting my fifth mystery, Burnout.  During the month of April, Burnout will be FREE on Kindle four times.  Today is one of those days so follow the link and pick up your copy.  In Burnout, Betsy loses a friend in a fire while fighting off a case of the flu that won't go away.  The town of Pecan Bayou is full of it's version of normal with dog catchers who use web cams, crazy hairdressers and a suspicious, yet handsome new guy who knows more than he's saying.
3. When and why did you begin writing?
 I started writing in my twenties and became serious about it in my late forties.  I would love to tell you I was a wonderful writer when I first started but I had a lot to learn...still do.  I think writing changed for me after I gave birth to our son with Down Syndrome.  It went from being a fun thing to a necessary thing for me.  There is a lot to deal with in that first year and I found writing was a way of coping.  I wrote down my frustrations and disappointments and then all of our little victories as my son grew older.      
4. When did you first consider yourself a writer?  When Brides Magazine called me in 1986 to tell me they would use a freelance article I had written.  They didn't even give me a byline, but in my mind I had arrived.
5. What inspired you to write your first book? Time.  You always say to yourself  I'm going to write that book some day.  I finally decided I needed to learn all I could about writing and complete a novel.  In order to that I had to get past the middle of the story where I would normally stall.  Fail to plan and plan to fail, right?  So this time I planned to hit that snag.  I studied other mystery novels to see what they had that I didn't.  Once I completed this process, my writing improved and deepened.  Even though I did study others, I think my own personal writing voice which is often filled with smart-a*s sarcasm came roaring through. 
6. Do you have a specific writing style?  I write  cozy mysteries.  That means that much of the violence and even sex is often off stage.  That doesn't mean that all that stuff isn't going on.  It is, but I try to leave the oozing wounds and heaving breasts to the imagination.  Much of my writing includes humor, good people, goofy people and a few bad apples who may look like good people. 
7. What would you like my readers to know?  As I said above, BURNOUT is FREE on Kindle today!  
Author Links:
Twitter: @ttrent_cozymys
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Book Excerpt
An hour later, Tyler and I walked into the Harvest Dance with our arms full of every baked item we could get our hands on from the grocery store. The tables were already covered in sparkling autumn colored table cloths with tasteful pumpkin and scarecrow centerpieces. It was stunning, and I hated to plop a box of Tasteeo Cupcakes on top of it all.
Phyllis, dressed in a mustard turtleneck with a maroon silk scarf tied around her neck approached. “What is this?” Her face turned white, and then was replaced with a complimentary fall color of scarlet red.
“Uh…” I stammered. “I had a little difficulty with the pumpkin squares, but you know kids. They’ll eat anything sweet, right?”
I waited for her to reassure me, but she seemed to be at a loss for words.
“You want me to open up these boxes, Betsy?” Tyler asked.
“Yes, if you would. I’m sure Mrs. Hamlin has lovely plates for us to put these on.”
Phyllis gritted her teeth and turned toward Tyler. “There are some paper plates over there.”
She turned back to me and took hold of my arm squeezing tightly on my bicep with her tastefully manicured nails.
“I specifically told you to make the pumpkin squares. If I wanted a hodge podge of junk food I would have simply stopped down at the Circle K Convenience store.”
Another mother stepped by with her freshly groomed son in tow. “Lovely tables Phyllis,” she said with a little wave.
“Thank you Shelley. We work very hard to make it a wonderful experience for our children.” Somehow I knew she wasn’t including me in that statement.
“I tried to make the pumpkin squares, but we’ve had flu at our house, and … I lost track of time, and they burnt.”
“Then why didn’t you just make another batch?”
“There’s not a can of pumpkin left in the entire town.”
“Yes, there is. I have four cans of pumpkin in my pantry. All you had to do was call me.”
The principal walked by. “Beautiful job, Mrs. Hamlin. Don’t know what we’d do without you.”
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